Tees on a mission

Veganism unfucks the world. Let’s spread this important message together. Whether you're a veteran vegan or brand new to this magical lifestyle, you never know when you are going to plant a seed.

So dare to be seen. Dare to engage. Dare to inspire with TVTM Clothing.

The Clothing

Our goal is to bring you effortless style, comfort and quality. We want you to LOVE  your  TVTM apparel and feel good about its history. That is why our clothing is 100% sweatshop free and sourced as locally and as possible.

Giving Back

Vegan advocacy is a long game.

So in the mean time, $1 from every item goes towards local animal sanctuaries  - The Alice Sanctuary and Robin's Refuge.   

Our Mission

To spark meaningful conversations about the kind and sustainable future that is possible for our world. 


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