Tara and Shannon

Tara and Shannon

We love hearing stories from all you amazing humans out there! Read Tara and Shannon's empowering journey about veganism and self discovery.


We have both individually experienced our own health and wellness journeys, which over the years, were increasingly overlapping. As we grew closer and more aligned, we realized we needed to bring our passion for natural wellness, fitness, and spirituality together to help others reach their full potential for optimal health.

Shannon struggled with digestion and mental health issues starting at a young age. Tara followed a plant-based diet on-and-off throughout her youth, and struggled with weight & fitness. Neither of us had a healthy relationship with food. Quickly becoming passionate about her journey, Tara didn't hesitate to share her growing knowledge with Shannon and the rest our family. After attending her first vegan festival in 2014, Shannon's life was forever changed.

Shortly afterwards, our parents made the switch to vegetarianism; a feat we never imagined we'd accomplish with our father! More recently, our mother is now following a vegan diet, and Shannon's husband is a self-proclaimed vegetarian. Other friends and family have been influenced by following our journeys and listening to the information we share. Many have reduced their meat and animal product consumption, while others have almost cut them out completely.

Today 2 Hippie Sisters promotes a plant-based lifestyle, while sharing recipes, tips and tricks.  We are currently in the early stages of our business, but we have lots of plans for upcoming events promoting plant-based, and overall healthy lifestyles.

This journey has not been solely about food, but rather the food journey has exposed us to so many other paths. We have both discovered different areas of wellness we are passionate about, as well as grown in touch with our true selves.

Tara Walsh & Shannon Walsh

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