Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

At TVTM, we need to start doing things differently.

We started our company because we wanted to share our love for veganism and encourage others to do the same. We wanted to find a way to give back and find an activism style that works for us.

But we need to do more than what we've been doing the past few years. It's not just about saving the animals and going vegan. It's so much more. We must do our part and educate ourselves on the social injustices that are still happening in the world today to our marginalized communities and we must speak up. 

Our commitment 

We are committed to diversifying our social media and website by featuring and sharing content from BIPOC, LGBTQ's, and other marginalized groups. We are committed to putting in the work and educating ourselves in how to be lifelong ally's for those that are being oppressed and putting antiracism into practice daily.

We also will not tolerate any and all hateful, racist, classist, ableist, sexist behavior in our company and with all future partnerships.

You will see a change in content and the way we do things at TVTM and we invite you to join in on the conversation. 


Janel and Andrea


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